Why Setting Quarterly Goals in Important

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I’m so excited that we’re starting not just a new month but a new quarter. One of the biggest changes that I’ve made in my business and life since I started working with my business coach last year is setting quarterly goals in addition to annual and monthly goals.

I love having some really big annual goals to work toward, but setting those alone can be a little overwhelming. Setting quarterly goals has been a key component in success for me. They help me break a big goal into a more manageable chunk.

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A quarter a long enough period of time that I can really pick up some momentum but no so long that I get burnt out or distracted.

Setting quarterly goals helps me not lose sight of the finish line at the beginning of a marathon.

Quarter 2 Goals

  • Keystone: Pay our personal loan to a $0 balance
    Generate $4500 in life/long-term care/disability income
    Hire part-time admin assistant
    Update photography and SEO on all Etsy shop listings
    Go on a weekend trip for the Mister’s birthday
    Complete 12 massage treatments outside of class

Once I’ve broken down my annual goals into quarterly-sized chunks, I can break those down into more bite-sized monthly goals, which helps me clarify what activities and habits will move me toward achieving my goals.

April goals

  • Complete Yoga with Adriene’s April calendar
  • Generate $1500 in life/long-term care/disability income
  • Generate $400 in side-hustle income
  • List 2 new products in Etsy shop
  • Cook special occasion dinner for our anniversary
  • Publish a minimum of one blog post per week
  • Send a minimum of two newsletters to my mailing list

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