Monday Miles: A New Adventure

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Hi friends,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve written a post. So let’s get the updates out there:

Personal Life

I’m getting married again, and that relationship comes with relocation. I’m sure that I’ll be sharing more about them as we combine our lives together. But for now, we don’t have a wedding date (and we’re not sure that we won’t just elope), but sometime in 2023, we’ll tie the knot.

Next month, we’ll be moving to Canton, NC…which is about 30 miles outside of Asheville, NC. I’m not going to lie. Getting ready for a move in less than 30 days is overwhelming and a little scary, especially since I’ve lived my entire adult life in the Columbia area.

But I love the Asheville area, and I’m super excited to share here as we explore a new city and the hiking and outdoor adventures that come with it.

Fitness Life

I’ve picked a really big running goal for 2023: I want to run a full marathon. I actually announced this on social media a couple of months ago, but I’m targeting the Asheville Marathon in March. Open Enrollment at work was really time-consuming so I haven’t really run since Halloween. As I get back into my running groove, a different race may be necessary; we’ll see.

However, consider this the announcement of a new weekly series here on the blog: Monday Miles. Beginning next week, I’ll share my thoughts about the week’s training and any other running-related musings or epiphanies.

I’m still working toward my second-degree black belt. Unfortunately, I took my black belt exam in October 2021 and didn’t pass; that was a hard experience for me. I’m not used to failing at things, but jujitsu is a great passion in my life so I’m still training.

This spring, I’m going after that belt; it’s beyond time that I take that exam again, rock it and get my promotion. Expect more details as I determine an exam date and get ready.

Professional Life

Finally, from a business perspective, I’m expanding my business. A new city means that I’ll be expanding my insurance agency into North Carolina (possibly Georgia and Tennessee as well).

For now, I’ll be splitting my time between the two cities as I hire new staff and get the agency a little more automated. I’m super excited to see my company make a difference in a new community and for the new business leadership challenges that I’ll get to learn from.

So, that’s that.

I’ll see you here soon. In the meantime, connect with me on social:

P.S. Yes, my name changed, but for now, I don’t anticipate changing my domain name.