2018 Word of the Year

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Since I left the office for our Christmas vacation, I’ve been rolling around the question of what my 2018 word of the year should be. In 2017, my word of the year was “Start.” And the year before that, I chose “Achieve” as my word for 2016.

For 2018, I had a concept in mind, but couldn’t quite pin down my word. After some thinking and reading cookbooks (strangely enough), I picked a word, but I wanted to test it aloud with some friends and my coach before sharing it here on the blog.

So, I talked it over when I had coffee with my friend Danielle the other day, and she liked it. Then I shared my potential word of the year with my business coach and the Mister; they both gave me a thumbs up. So, now I’m ready to share with y’all.

My 2018 Word of the Year: Clarify

For me, I’m using the cooking concept of clarifying to remove impurities. I’m clarifying down to essentials as my guiding principle for 2018. I want to put my energy into the things that are really important to me and discard the distractions from my life and schedule.

The longer that I have sat with “Clarify,” the more excited I am about it as my word of the year. I feel that this vision is a great extension of the work that my business coach and I did in 2017 to prioritize where I spend my time. I’ll be using the word Clarify to help me identify what to let go, where to put my energy and when to accept or decline new opportunities.

So far, I’ve identified these areas are essentials:

  • My Marriage & Family Relationships
  • Our Financials and our Debt-Free Journey
  • Self-Care and Work-Life Harmony
  • My Jujitsu and Healing Arts Practice
  • Nurturing My Creative Side
  • Staying in Touch with Friends

And these topics likely to be what I’ll be sharing on that blog this year. Also, be sure to check out how my word of the year helped me clarify my 2018 goals.

Talk to me about your intentions for the year. Have you picked a word? What are you planning to focus on?