2019 Word of the Year & Goals

Over the last few years, I have found that choosing a word of the year to help me focus on what I want to add to my life. Keeping that word in front of me can help me make decisions in line with my priorities, know when to say “no” to opportunities that don’t align with my vision, and motivate me to take action when it’s time to move.

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  • 2018 Word of the Year was CLARIFY
  • 2017 Word of the Year was START
  • 2016 Word of the Year was ACHIEVE

As part of my 2018 year-end review yesterday, I discussed that in 2019 I want to get in the best physical, mental, spiritual and financial shape of my life.

Every goal that I’m setting is with this in mind. Several of them are goals that I have set in years past. So, what is the right word to give me the right amount of oomph to push me toward achieving these goals?

2019 Word of the Year: COURAGE

Courage also happens to be one of my core values. For me, the definition of courage is “taking action in difficult situations by choosing to follow my intuition and logic.”

In 2019, I want to use this word to keep me moving even when the pathway seems steep, in spite of imposter syndrome, and on those days where it seems easier to stay in my comfort zone.

Over the last few years, I have found that choosing a word of the year to help me focus as I set my annual goals. My 2019 word of the year is COURAGE.

Goals for the 2019

Pay off our debt snowball.

The Mister and I took Financial Peace University in 2015, which makes this the fourth calendar year that I’ve written this goal out. I wish we had knocked this goal out sooner, but I haven’t had the courage in year’s past to really cut back our lifestyle and stay committed to living on a written budget.

This is the last year that I’m declaring it, “2019 will be the year that we become debt-free.

Since I primarily handle the budget and bills, I need to have the courage to tell myself “no” my brain tries to sway me to immediate gratification rather than staying on plan. We CAN do this, and we will.

Increase my business income by 20 percent

This goal is a stretch goal for me, just typing the words gives me flutters in my stomach. It’s going to take courage to make the calls. It’s going to take courage to believe that sales will come. It’s going to take courage to push through the imposter syndrome.

I know that I didn’t hit my 2018 goal because I didn’t believe in myself enough to try. That HAS to change…because how do we get debt-free if I don’t grow my income? It’s not fair to rely on the Mister to do all the overtime.

Hit my goal weight of 135 lbs

And work toward this goal while still having the courage to love my current body and cherish its abilities. In the last 5 years, I’ve watched the number on the scale creep upward and upward, and I’ve come to realize that I’m not comfortable in my skin anymore.

I know what to eat that helps me feel my best energetically. I’ve just allowed convenience and comfort get in the way of living/eating that lifestyle. I know that weight is just one measure of a healthy body, but this is where I’m starting. This is the year that I change that I get back to loving the reflection in the mirror while fueling my body and mind well.

Pass my second-degree black belt exam.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been eligible to test for this rank since October, but I’ve held myself back. I need to learn only 25 more techniques than I needed for my first-degree exam, and the truth is that again I’ve let fear get in my way of learning them.

Just like with my business income goal, getting ready for my exam (and learning those last few techniques) involves the courage to believe that I can do this. I have to take ownership asking for the instruction and getting the practice to feel ready.

Live my faith more visibly

Of all my goals, this one is probably the most nebulous and hardest to measure. I have come to realize that I rarely discuss my faith among my friends — never mind share about it on this blog or via social media.

I want to have the courage to embrace my love for Jesus more publicly. So I’m giving myself two challenges this year:

  1. Get back to attending church on a weekly basis with my husband.
  2. Participate in reading the entire Bible this year with my husband.

In addition to strengthening my walk with God, completing these challenges are going to help my life in so many areas:

  • feeling more at peace with life’s challenges
  • relying more on God than myself and reducing worry
  • bringing me closer to the Mister and strengthening our marriage
  • preparing me to be a better parent for future children.

2019 is my year of courage.

I’m looking forward to the challenges in front of me. I can’t wait until December when I’ll be sharing with you how I’ve grown and what I’ve accomplished. Future Aubrey is going to be so proud of the daily acts of courage.

What goals are you setting for 2019? Do you use a word of the year to stay focused?