March goals

Happy Friday, my friends!

I don’t know what it was about last month, but mentally I somehow felt like I was at the end of February all month long, which had me sweating my February goals and feeling like I wasn’t making progress. I sure hope that feeling has passed, but I want to rock my March goals.

February goals

  • Identify and contact at least five new life/disability prospects per week. – Partial success: This will be an ongoing commitment, and I need to be better at tracking my contacts
  • Generate $1500 life/disability insurance income – Success
  • Attend two massage study group sessions. – Success
  • Give a minimum of four treatments outside of massage class. – Success, but I need to make a point to receive treatments as well.
  • List at least one new product in my Etsy shop. [Check out my shop: Chasing Blue Jays.] – Fail. I did finish a couple of overdue gifts, but I haven’t completed any new products.
  • Complete Love Yo’Self yoga¬†challenge from Yoga with Adriene – Fail.
  • Gather and turn in all personal income tax info to the accountant. – Success. Now we wait to see what we’ll owe Uncle Sam.

Clearly, I need to be kinder to myself because I accomplished more than I thought I had as the month went along. But I am disappointed with the yoga goal. I really want to make that a part of my daily routine; I think I need to find a local accountability partner (or get the Mister to participate with me like he did the Stretch Project a few years ago.)

Moving on.

Let’s talk about March goals. Since I have such a big work goal this year, I’m relaxing a little on the personal side of things.

March goals

  • Spend at least 1 hour per week reviewing client files to identify cross-sale opportunities.
  • Contact at least 3 cross-sale prospects per week.
  • Generate at least $1500 in life/disability income
  • Complete a minimum of 4 massage treatments outside of class
  • Publish 4 blog posts
  • List 2 new products in Etsy shop

I feel like I have a lot to get done this month. What are you working on?